Well the site is finished! Thanks to all who have read, helped, and put this site together! Finally, I can look at finished work with pride and actually say team work kicks butt!^.^

Gotta put where credit is due beside where the works cited pages was.

Ashley, though you did only give links.....thanks for them anyway since we did use them somewhat.

Shamara, where were you?! I think you were like Casper this whole time lol, sorry that you didn't get to experience working on this cool project!

Chris, after much work I got you to do work yay! You get your credit also in the Group's Members page as well so be proud! I don't think I could of gotten this done fast enough with out cha so booya! We tie at this round lol.

Well anyway, see you guys again when I do! This little blog post is OFFICIALLY OVER YES!!!!!!!>=)


Nothing much to say except that I updated the site some for you all to look at and admire. Added some new pictures too! Plus I got some partners to contribute to the work as well.....some more than other or not at all but it really doesn't matter at this point lol

By the way, don't mind the emptiness of some pages still. I plan to have this done by today and have it sent in later on tonite but I probably can't because of activity reasons and such >.>;

So continue on with the site as usual and I hope it helps someone out there after we finish this for futher Mars info!

OMG, First Post! 12/01/2008

Never knew that making a site could be so interesting and fun to do. But, Mars is actually worth researching on because I got to learn stuff about the Big Red that I normally wouldn't know.

But yeah, I don't have much to say in this first post.....but maybe later I might or some of my other partners so check back for now!



    Nothing much to say.....really I'm serious^.^; But check out this awesome Mars and gaming videos!

    (Viewers discretion is advised)


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