The Planet Mars

The fourth planet from the sun that we all commonly refer to as the Red Planet. It's name......deprived form the Greek God of War, Ares, and it has the month March named after it too. Oh what is such a wonderful planet called? Why Mars of course! The Planet Mars was a website created for an Online Earth Science class project by four students, each adding something new to the table about the Red Planet. But, if your thirst for knowledge cannot be quenced by this site then we have left a works cited page at at the end and a blog so you can comment and surf other places. That.....and googling it helps too^.^

Welcome to our Site!

Welcome to our site called The Planet Mars! This site was created by a LaShonia Burns, Chris Bomhan, Ashley Baggett, and Shamara Thompson. If you've come here to learn about the our the planet Mars then you've come to the right place! Here we well explain the just the tip of the iceburg on what Mars is all about, from the depths deep within the planet to see what makes it tick to the atmosphere and the moons that surrounds the small red planet. So sick back, get a snack, and enjoy surfing our site to see what it has to offer for you. We hope you enjoy your time here!